Servant x Service Drama CDs: Part C


This is the next part of the Servant x Service drama CD that came with the Blu-rays, featuring a new guest. It might not be that obvious if you’ve yet to listen to the CDs, but try guessing who the guest is~

Poplar: Phew, it should be fine carrying these things till here, you’ve been a huge help!
Lucy: It was nothing.
Chihaya: Should we call the two people who came with you over with the P.A. system?
Poplar: It’s okay! I think they’re probably having fun with the children here…
Chihaya+Lucy: With children…?
Poplar: In any case, thank you for your help!
Chihaya: Your feelings of appreciation are…
Poplar: Not small!
Chihaya: Thank you very much.

Lucy: She was pretty cute, wasn’t she? But why were you so obsessed with getting her to say “I’m not small!”?
Chihaya: Well…it looked like she was asking for it.
Lucy: Asking for… Well anyway, let’s head for General Affairs!
Chihaya: Hmm Yamagami, isn’t that Miyoshi?
Lucy: Oh? You’re right. She seems to be with a customer…
Chihaya: Miyoshi seems to have the destiny of being trapped by customers no matter what.
Lucy: B-But it could be just someone who’s asking for directions!

Miyoshi: I see…
Guest B: And his arrangement of food and whatnot is even more beautiful than me. When I say “This is amazing.”, he says “The food you make tastes better than this.” to me!
Chihaya: She’s been trapped, hasn’t she.
Lucy: You’re right.
Guest B: *giggles* That part of him is, should I say, cool, or kind, or wonderful…it’s just the best!
Miyoshi: Yes…
Chihaya+Lucy: This has become a big issue…
Guest B: We met when I was a first-year in high school—
Chihaya: Shall we leave then, Yamagami?
Lucy: Chihaya, please don’t pretend this never happened! If we don’t help her somehow…
Chihaya: Even if you say that…how do we help?

Lucy: *walks over to Miyoshi* Miyoshi…
Miyoshi: Ah, Yamagami, Chihaya.
Lucy: What exactly happened…?
Miyoshi: Ah you see, Yamagami, this person over here was wandering about the premises so…
Chihaya: Will you be okay speaking like you do usually?
Miyoshi: It’s okay. I’ll just go along with her raving as I did before… Ah, she was wandering unsteadily in the premises, so I thought she might be unsure about the right counter and called out to her. And then…

Guest B: Uh, um, excuse me… where do I go for marriage registration?
Miyoshi: Ah, if you’re looking for that, it’s at the Family Register and Resident section. This is the third floor, so please head down to the second floor.
Guest B: Thank you…very much.
Miyoshi: If you’re okay with it, I can guide you to the counter.
Guest B: Sorry for the trouble. That’d be helpful.
Miyoshi: Are you getting married?
Guest B: Y-Yes! My husband said that he’d come over to the ward office to file the necessary paperwork, but since I was free at work, I came over to have a look. And then, I got…lost. As I thought, I should’ve left these things to him…
Miyoshi: That’s not true. Filing up the paperwork together can be a memorable event for the both of you, and I’m sure your husband will be very happy!
Guest B: Is that so? It’d be great if that’s the case. I’m not very good when it comes to going outdoors, so my husband takes note of that…
Miyoshi: Your husband’s really kind.
Guest B: That’s right! We met when I was a first-year in high school—
/end flashback

Miyoshi: So that’s how it’s been ever since.
Chihaya: My condolences to you.
Lucy: Uh, if there’s anything we can do to help…
Miyoshi: Ah, please go ahead, the both of you.
Lucy: But…!
Miyoshi: Having three people here won’t help either, please go ahead without me.
Chihaya: Sorry we couldn’t be of any help.
Lucy: Miyoshi, hang in there!
Miyoshi: I will.
(Guest B: We met when I was a first-year in high school—)

Chihaya+Lucy: *runs away*
Chihaya: See, I told you we wouldn’t be able to do anything to help.
Lucy: I’m ashamed.

The guest this time round is Yachiyo, the chief waitress in Wagnaria! I don’t suppose anyone would’ve guessed it just by looking at the conversation (I know I wouldn’t, at least).

I didn’t read the Working!! manga so I didn’t know but, it looks like Yachiyo and Satou are finally a couple. Aww, I think I would’ve loved to see that part get animated (Working!! S3 when?!).

It should be also interesting to note that while Miyoshi was having the conversation with Chihaya and Lucy, Yachiyo was talking in the background. I didn’t bother to translate because most of it were basically repeats (and because I couldn’t hear the audio clearly anyway).

Well, that’s Part C for now. Gee, translating the crossover drama CDs has made me miss Working!!.

Stay tuned for the other parts! 5 more parts to go!

7 thoughts on “Servant x Service Drama CDs: Part C

  1. Sakuragi Aiko

    Hello~ Thank you so much for translate the CD Drama of Servant x Service. I was wondering if I can use your translation to make one in Spanish~ I’ll be waiting for your answer. I hope that you continue translating.

    1. thatredsky Post author

      Ah, sure thing! I haven’t been translating nowadays because I’ve been busy with many things but I hope to at least finish this project, yes~

  2. Reza

    Haha, after he has to endure Yachiyo gushing about Kyoko all the time, now Satou is the one being gushed about!


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